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Las Vegas Strip at night from the VooDoo Lounge at Rio Suites Hotel

Roy Rendahl, Las VegasWould you like to have a personal guided walking tour of a Las Vegas Strip hotel (or near-Strip hotel), or several Strip hotels, or a section of The Las Vegas Strip?  

Roy Rendahl, freelance owner of LV Strip Scene, has been a Las Vegas local for over 10 years; and a Las Vegas tourist for over 20 years before that!  (And I still haven't seen all of it!!)

From a short 2 hour spin through a single location to an all day or all night experience of sights, dining, and entertainment.  You decide what you want to see and do,
including sights on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip), hotel points of interest, restaurants, lounges, shows, and nightclubs.  Or we can suggest an interesting itinerary based on your interests.  We can meet you at your Las Vegas Strip hotel, or wherever you would like to start your personal walking tour.  

Last minute tour bookings may be available, but at least several days or more advance notice is always better, especially if restaurant reservations are required.  Several weeks lead time might be good if nightclub reservations 
are involved, and even more advanced notice may be necessary for holidays or for show tickets, as some Las Vegas Strip venues fill up well in advance.  

Pricing for 1 to 4 people is $200 for a 2 hour stroll, $300 for a 4 hour tour, $400 for a 6 hour venture, or $500 for an 8 hour escape.  
Additional people are $20 extra per person per hour.  There must always be more adults than children on our tours, and you, not us, are responsible for any children on our tours -- we are not baby sitters.  We will add the cost of any show tickets or prepaid nightclub or entertainment reservations that we make for you to your prearranged tour cost.  You will also pay as you go for your own food, drinks, gaming, and non-prepaid entertainment charges. 

If you would like a short video of you and the Las Vegas Strip sights, that you or I could put up on video sites like YouTube, just add $100 to the above prices.

We require a 50% deposit, with the balance due at the start of the tour.  The deposite can be paid through PayPal with trimordial@thefaro.com or contact us for a mailing address.  The balance must be paid
at the start of the tour in cash (exact amount) or by check.  If you wish to extend your tour, and if our schedule allows, additional time is charged at $50 per hour, paid in cash (exact amount) or by check at the start of the additional time.  We will need to verify the I.D.s of our adult guests before the tour starts.  Gratuities for your personal guide are at your discretion.  Please keep dress codes and weather in mind and dress accordingly.  And it's not a bad idea to bring a bottle of water along too.

If you have any questions about our tours or any Las Vegas Strip tourist activity, please don't hesitate to write to us at lvstripscene@thefaro.com or call 702-340-6748.

Roy is also the freelance owner of Trimordial Studio Las Vegas doing audio, video, graphics, and web design; a founding member of the Las Vegas based Poppermost pop rock music band; and a partner in TriPops Music Production, a national music collaboration and creation service.

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The Las Vegas Strip photo taken at night by Roy Rendahl from the VooDoo Lounge balcony on top of the Rio Hotel Casino.  Trimordial Studio Las Vegas Roy Rendahl
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