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Trimordial Studio Location Contract

This page is for your reference, although you may copy and past the information into an email (replace the underlines with your answers) and send it to:  (Contact me if you need a mailing address.)

THE PARTIES: This Contract is for the location audio, video, photography, or other services for the purpose or event described below, between the undersigned Client and Trimordial Studio.  

All checks should be made payable to "Roy Rendahl."  There will be a $25 fee charged for all returned checks.  Credit card payments may be made through to

1. Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy): __________

2. Response Date - 10 calendar days after today's date (see #19 below) (mm/dd/yyyy): __________

JOB DESCRIPTION: Trimordial Studio agrees to the following Client and specifications:

3. Client Name: ________________________________________

4. Company / Organization (Optional): ________________________________________

5. Address: ________________________________________

6. Day Phone: ________________________________________

7. Eve Phone: ________________________________________

8. Cell Phone: ________________________________________

9. Email: ________________________________________________

10. Web site (if applicable): ______________________________________________

11. Booking Purpose or Event: ________________________________________

12. Booking Date: ________________________________________

13. Booking Location: ________________________________________

14. Booking Location Contact Name: ________________________________________

15. Booking Phone: ________________________________________

16. Booking Email: ________________________________________

17. Set up time:_________ , Rehearsal start time (if applicable): _________ ,

Start time:_________ , Stop time:_________

18. Options Included in this Location Contract:





19. PAYMENT TERMS: Total fee agreed upon by Client and Trimordial Studio is $_________ tax included.  Trimordial Studio is holding a tentative reservation for the Client's event until the above 10 day Response Date.  To confirm this Location Contract, return one signed and completed copy along with a check, money order, credit card through, or cash for the deposit of $100 or more, as agreed, or the total fee BEFORE THE ABOVE RESPONSE DATE.  Location Contracts received after the Response Date are subject to availability.  If the deposit is received more than four weeks prior to the booking, it may be paid by personal, business, or cashiers check; money order; credit card through; or cash.  If the deposit is received less than four weeks prior to the booking, it must be paid by cashiers check, money order, credit card through, or cash.  The balance is due no later than the date of the booking before the event, unless otherwise previously arranged, and must be paid by cashiers check, money order, or cash.  All checks should be made payable to "Roy Rendahl."  There will be a $25 fee charged for all returned checks.

20. OVERTIME COSTS: When feasible, a Client's request for extended time will be accommodated.  Overtime requested may be made in one hour increments at the above agreed upon hourly rate.  Payment for overtime is due at the time of the overtime request, unless otherwise previously arranged, and may be made with cashiers check, money order, or cash.

21. CANCELLATION: This Location Contract cannot be canceled or modified except in writing by either the Client or Trimordial Studio.  If cancellation is initiated by the Client less than 15 days prior to the booking, then the deposit will be forfeited, except by signing a new Location Contract with Trimordial Studio within two weeks of cancellation for a substitute booking that will take place in the following 6 months.  Rescheduling for bookings canceled due to inclement weather or events beyond the parties' control shall be accommodated whenever possible.  Rescheduled bookings are subject to availability.

22. PROVISIONS: The Client shall ensure that:

A. If applicable, Trimordial Studio personnel has an area of at least 4 feet X 4 feet, within 100 feet of a 120 volt, 20 amp, 3 prong grounded outlet.  (Video recording may be battery or AC powered.)

B. Facility is open at least one hour or more prior to scheduled start time and at least one hour after scheduled stop time.

C. If applicable, the location meets all federal and state safety regulations.

D. Reasonable steps be taken to protect Trimordial Studio's equipment and personnel. Crowd control will be provided if warranted.

E. For outdoor locations, if applicable, shelter is provided that completely covers and protects Trimordial Studio's equipment and personnel from adverse weather conditions, including sun, wind, and rain.

23. The Client accepts full responsibility and is liable for any damages, injuries, or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.  In the event of circumstances deemed by Trimordial Studio to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to personnel or equipment; then Trimordial Studio reserves the right to stop working until such time as the Client resolves the threatening situation.  Trimordial Studio further reserves the right to deny anyone access to our equipment.  In the unlikely event that Trimordial Studio is delayed, liability is limited to providing the Client with location or studio time equal to time lacking.


25. Client Signature: ________________________________________

26. Date (mm/dd/yyyy): __________

27. Trimordial Studio (Roy Rendahl): ________________________________________

28. Date (mm/dd/yyyy): __________

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