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DeStress Spa - Music, Color, & Aroma Relaxation & Stress Relief - Roy Rendahl

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Business Plan
Executive Summary

DeStress Spa
Music, Color, & Aroma Relaxation & Stress Relief
Alternative Therapy Facility Concept

Roy Rendahl, Trimordial Studio,
Las Vegas NV USA

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Music from our double-equalized, extended range sound system envelopes you in our comfortable recliner lounge chair creating a personal multi-sensual experience for you.  Music volume level is limited to no more than 85 dBA to produce vibrations that affect your inner and outer being, without hurting your ears.  Music that is primarily rhythmic affects the physical body; music which is essentially melodic deals with the emotions; and the harmonics of music relate to the spiritual energies.  These vibrations affect your whole body.  Choose your voyage from our selection of music therapy CDs, including the following:

Orchestral Feng Shui music series is based on the theories of the Yi Ching and the five Chinese tones to generate productive qi (chi) circulation.  Dragon music, from the east, is the wood element which represents sprouting and the spread of growth.  Phoenix music, from the south, is lively and relaxing, associated with fire, and signifies passion and intuition.  Serpent music, from the center, is the earth element, representing mountains and symbolizing stability.  Tiger music, from the west, is the metal element which has the forceful and energizing characteristics of cleanliness, integrity, and strength.  Tortoise music, from the north, is the water element which possesses the soothing and tender qualities of flexibility and resourcefulness.

Native American Spiritual music can be a map for creating and experiencing ritual in one's life.  "Ritual" not in the sense of daily, mundane, and thoughtless tasks, but in the sense of conscious, formalized actions.  Rituals make use of the same stuff that dreams are made of -- symbolism, fantasy, myths, and metaphors -- they address themselves to a primitive and profound level of experience.

New Age Transformative music can allow the layers of stress and protection to fall away, to remove yourself from the numbing pace of our society and the sensationalism of the media.  The music resonates your chakras (seven subtle etheric energy centers) creating an experience of inner peace and harmony.  This is music that breathes, rests, and breathes again... and invites you to do the same while meditating inward into yourself.

Space music has a sense of expansiveness, majestic and heartfelt compassion, and striking, all-embracing reverence.  Expand your meditation outside the self, out from the earth to the universe.

World music, from classical to folk, with beats, rhythms, and sounds from cultures around the world.

© 1998 - 2013 Roy Rendahl, DeStress Spa (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
Form TX document TXu 967-364 on file at the US Copyright Office.
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Colored lights pulsate on you and in the space around you with a balanced response to the different audio tones in the music: red for the low frequencies, yellow for low-mid frequencies, green for the hi-mid frequencies, and blue for the high frequencies.

These primary colors blend to produce all the colors of the natural rainbow.  The electromagnetic vibrations of color (just like sound vibrations) can affect and recharge every cell of your body, not just your eyes and ears.


Aroma and its effect on the limbic* part of your brain is only a part of the therapeutic power of essential oils.  These plant essences have a gentle ability to enhance mood and lift depression as well as benefit a person physically and emotionally -- mind, body, and spirit.  When inhaled, oils produce psychological effects that can relax or stimulate, soothe or inspire, heal, center, and balance you.

Aroma therapy can help respiration, clear the mind, feel euphoria, boost confidence, reduce headache, balance the emotions, and anti-depression.  Aroma compliments the sound and color stimulation that you receive at DeStress Spa.

* The limbic system is involved particularly with the sense of smell and with certain complex emotional responses, but it also plays a role in regulating basic body functions.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules in the air that when inhaled can help to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost energy.

Negative ions are produced naturally in the mountains, under waterfalls, in thunderstorms, and at ocean beaches.  That's one reason why you feel so refreshed in these locations.  

Air conditioning and some electromagnetic devices, like computer monitors, can destroy negative ions and produce harmful oxidizing positive ions in the air.

We use a negative ion generator and a negative ion meter to produce, measure, and insure the optimal amount of negative ions in our therapy rooms.  It's like a quit trip to the mountains, a waterfall, a thunderstorm, or the beach.

DeStress Spa

Through years of reading and research, we have combined 3 alternative natural health therapies -- music, color, and aroma -- into one multi-sensual, rejuvenating experience.  Funding is required to set up either a freestanding building or a facility within an existing spa, resort, or hotel.  We are looking for at least $500,000 US start up capital and $500,000 US working capital.  Depending on available space and funds, there may be many sound proofed rooms, with quiet HVAC systems (similar to a music recording or practice studio), operating at the same time with 2 or more service employees on duty.  Our trained Spa personnel will work with the prospective clients to find the types of music and aroma that will work best for them, and then set them up in a DeStress room.

Each session lasts from 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the music chosen.  There would also be approximately 15 to 30 minutes of client meeting and room prep per session.  Expected pricing is $50 to $200 US per session, but may vary, depending on location, public acceptance, and potential competition.  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is an ideal location with about 1.5 million residents and over 35 million tourists every year needing stress relief.  Other locations with a large local or tourist base and an interest in alternative health care would also be good.  Sedona, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Key West, Florida, USA would be our favorite choices.  In the future, when successful, DeStress Spa may be expanded, franchised, sold to a larger organization, or taken public.


Contact Roy if you have any questions, or to make an appointment for a meeting with Music Color Aroma practitioner Mr. Roy Rendahl, a visual artist, musician, and audio recording and mastering engineer.

Please Note
: The healing sound and light vibrations, and scents in the air, all affect the body and subconscious mind even while sleeping.  So, if during a session, the client should happen to fall asleep, we will gently wake them when the program is over.

They will have had a very rejuvenating, renewing, and healthy nap.

Important Note
: DeStress Spa - Music, Color, & Aroma Relaxation & Stress Relief is not a substitute for medical diagnoses or treatments.  Please consult your physician or practitioner if you are experiencing any medical problems.

© 1998 - 2013 Roy Rendahl, DeStress Spa (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
Form TX document TXu 967-364 on file at the US Copyright Office.
Please contact us if you wish to hire us or license this concept for your business.
Roy's email:


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