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Hackerz Niteclub - future computer themed nightclub - looking for investors - Roy Rendahl

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Business Plan
Executive Summary
for the
Non-Alcohol Non-Smoking
Hackerz Niteclub
"How Does Dance Compute?"
Computer Themed Night Club and Vegetarian Restaurant

Using Apple Macintosh Computers
and DeadLine Array (DLA) speaker system design
Roy Rendahl, Trimordial Studio,
The FaRo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

1997 - 2013 Roy Rendahl,
Hackerz Niteclub (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
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Roy's email:
Hackerz Niteclub is a division of The FaRo.

This is a business plan. It does not imply an offering or Securities.

Hackerz Niteclub

The Hackerz Niteclub concept first started to take shape July 5, 1997 to be a non-alcohol, non-smoking, computer themed nightclub and vegetarian restaurant [Las Veegan, Veganites, Vegabite, Vegabit, Vegabyte (all SM)] where people can meet, dance, and eat in a healthy and stimulating environment.

Due to its unique use of computers in a nightclub, Hackerz has the potential to be expanded world-wide.  We are looking for $10,000,000 US capital investment, as well as management, location, and product or service partners and investors.

1997 - 2013 Roy Rendahl,
Hackerz Niteclub (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
Please contact us if you wish to hire us or license this concept for your business.
Roy's email:
Hackerz Niteclub is a division of The FaRo.


You enter the nightclub by walking on an image of a giant computer keyboard on the floor , and in through what looks like a large computer screen with the Hackerz logo on it (maybe projected onto a wall of fog or thin curtains), which is the main entrance.  The cover charge will be comparable to other upscale clubs in the area.  Our dress code will be enforced, and security personnel will be augmented by radio communication and audio / video surveillance.  The floor inside looks like a giant printed circuit board and there are flashing lights on the floor, walls, and ceiling (or large video screen walls, floors, and ceiling) simulating flowing data.  Black tables and bars look like computer chips with chairs of formed stainless steel (or chromed plastic) which look like the contacts of the computer chips.  The raised dance floor looks like one huge integrated circuit.  The interior, as well as the exterior, will be changed and remodeled as computer and communication technology changes.  The front of the nightclub could look like an iPad, with a huge video screen.  We visualize a size of about 10,000 to 20,000 square feet in area.

Apple Mac computers will be spread through out the rooms for people to interact with each other in this club or at other
Hackerz Niteclubs in the world, order drinks and food, and interact with the DJ or performers.

The ceiling above the dance floor will be completely covered with lights, mirror balls, speakers, water mist cooling jets, and HVAC / fog outlets.

The non-slip dance floor will pulse like a heart beat with multicolored strobe lights, spot lights, and flood lights, each color being controlled by different sound frequencies (or by a light control person or program).  Red lights will fire with the low frequency beats, green for the low midrange, blue for upper midrange, and yellow / white for the highest frequencies.  The space will also be pierced, in time with the music, by countless beams of light from many smooth and rotating faceted mirror balls.  The light show will be an extension of the music, not just flashing on their own.  The main sound system may be swung down, or turned facing into the nightclub, to be used when the raised dance floor is a live performance show stage.  Our JBL sound systems will be high quality and full range (from below 20Hz to over 20KHz) that can shake the building, but safely at a sound pressure level that will not be dangerous to hearing.  The music will be loudest on the dance floor, including sub-sonic motion generators (below 20Hz) to shake the floor itself.  There will be quieter, smaller JBL speakers in other areas.  For live performance shows, delay circuits will be used to synchronize the other speakers with the sound coming from the stage PA system.  For nightclub dance sound, when the main speakers are firing down onto the dance floor, there will be no delay in the rest of the speakers so they will all synchronize with the dance lighting coming from the dance floor.  Each area in the club will have its own full range speaker system set to the volume required in that area.  The room acoustics will not support high reverberation wich would smear the sound coming from the many speakers.

DeadLine Array

We plan to use JBL 18" low, 10" mid, and "Bullet" high frequency components (or similar) in our own patent pending, modular DLA (TM) DeadLine Array (TM) speaker system for the main stage / dance floor speakers.  This full range sound system could be a separate new product investment in itself.  The minimum number of boxes for each stack would be four, maximum depends on ceiling height and room size.  One minimum stack could handle the amplifier power of approximately 4,500 watts (3,200 watts for the bass, 1,200 watts for the mids, and 160 watts for the highs).  The cost for a minimum one stack, four-box system would be $7,500 to $10,000 US.

Individual boxes, or more stacks, could be added to make whatever size system is needed.  Some boxes have only one single 18" speaker, others have the 18" and one or two 10" speakers, and still others add either two or four high frequency drivers to the previous configuration.  All boxes are the same outside dimensions. 

Smaller systems with the same DLA concept could also be assembled with 5", 8", 10", 12", or 15" woofers and appropriate mid and/or high frequency components. The boxes can be either ground stacked or flown.

1997 - 2013 Roy Rendahl,
Hackerz Niteclub (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
Please contact us if you wish to hire us or license this concept for your business.
Roy's email:
Hackerz Niteclub is a division of The FaRo.


Adjacent to the DJ / sound booth will be a recording studio for digital audio and digital video production and playback.  This studio could be used for continuous video projection of performers, dancers, or anything else.  This studio could also be used to record live concerts or show performances, or private productions when the nightclub is closed.  Our A/V equipment of choice includes Apple, JBL, Crown, Tascam, Shure, Numark, and Sony.

Showcases of singer / songwriters could be held at Hackerz where songwriters from all over the world can perform their songs live or on CD.  The public can see and hear the performers and songs first hand.  Another division of The FaRo that would be useful to Hackerz is Trimordial Studio - Audio Video Graphics Web Design for recording and production.

The primary partner is Roy Rendahl, owner of Trimordial Studio and The FaRo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  We are currently looking for management, financial, location, and product or service partners and investors.  We can provide promotional space on the internal nightclub computer screens, web site, and in the room itself; special event or show sponsorship; and membership / mailing lists to announce products and 
services.  Roy Rendahl will be in charge of design, audio / video, Apple Mac computer technology, and marketing / advertising.

Through our extensive research of over 50 nightclubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas; the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Seminars in Las Vegas; and music, hospitality, nightclub, and computer / internet magazines and websites; we have refined our ideas for starting and running Hackerz Niteclub.  We have also done much research and taste testing on recipes using meatless products.  Even meat lovers love our meatless recipes!

Hackerz can be located anywhere around the computerized world.  Areas that we would like include Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, and Santa Fe NM.  Las Vegas, with a population of about 1.5 million, and 38 million tourists a year looking for entertainment, is our first choice for a location.  It is the "entertainment and convention capital of the world."  Los Angeles, the magic land of music and movies.  Lots of people and nightclubs, but always room for the right one more, in the right location.  Santa Fe, "the City Different," with a population over 65,000, is a world class art market and tourist destination for world class people.  Many fine restaurants and art galleries are located in Santa Fe.

Hackerz' vision is to be a place to unwind that isn't home but where you can do the things you do in the home environment - listen and dance to music, eat, drink, socialize with friends, or play on the computer.  Hackerz Niteclub will be known as a place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul; and have fun too.

1997 - 2013 Roy Rendahl,
Hackerz Niteclub (SM), The FaRo (SM). All rights reserved.
Please contact us if you wish to hire us or license this concept for your business.
Roy's email:
Hackerz Niteclub is a division of The FaRo.


Some animals (like cats) have a digestive system that requires meat, some animals (like cows) have a digestive system that requires plants, and some animals (like humans and dogs) have a digestive system that can process both meat and plants.  One animal (human) has evolved enough to be able to 

choose not to cause pain, suffering, and death to other animals.  Some humans (vegetarians and peace activists) actually demonstrate this advanced state.  Being a vegetarian is also good for the environment and for your own health too.

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Hackerz Niteclub - Future computer themed nightclub - looking for investors - Roy Al Rendahl
Roy Rendahl

Hackerz Niteclub is a division of The FaRo.
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