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TriPops Music Production - Alex Oliver & Roy Rendahl - Las Vegas

Do you write lyrics, or write music, or sing, or play an instrument,
and want to record your cover or original music sounding like a full band production?

Do you need custom original music for your film or video, or advertising music/jingle for your commercial?

Genres that we work with include indie, singer-songwriter,
folk, pop, pop rock, rock, vocal, and instrumental music.  Our music has been compared to The Turtles, The Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, Simon & Garfunkel, Queen, Elliott Smith, Elvis Costello, The Kinks, Paul McCartney, The Hollies, The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Oasis, The Who, Electric Light Orchestra, and Wilco.

We work with people in Las Vegas in person, and around the world through the web.

TriPops is the music collaboration, creation, & production of Alex Oliver & Roy Rendahl

Alex and Roy in Trimordial Studio Las Vegas

Alex & Roy in a past version of Trimordial Studio with Tascam 8-track cassette recording -- over
15 years ago (above).

Current 32-track Mac / Pro Tools Trimordial Studio Las Vegas (below).

Trimordial Studio Las Vegas

"Ghost Riders In The Sky" cover song performed by Chuk Pea and TriPops Music Production in 2015. Recorded, mixed, mastered, and song cover art by Trimordial Studio Las Vegas.

TriPops helped Dave Guhlow record his album Stupid Songs.  Dave says it is 12 original (& stupid) comedy songs about everything from boogers to quantum mechanics to an annoying Christmas song.  Some kid friendly, some for very warped adults, & some definitely not for grandma (unless she's very warped).  You can hear song previews or buy the songs or album at CD Baby.
Dave Guhlow "Stupid Songs"

Sample some songs that started with just words & melody from Lory Larsson aka Lola Halema.  TriPops created, performed, & recorded the backing music.

"Hash House A Go Go 1" video ad with original music & voice-over by Poppermost.

Pink Floyd's "Lucifer Sam" cover video, vocals, & instruments by Poppermost.

Cat Stevens' "Here Comes My Baby" cover.  Vocals by Pattie Noah (from Orlando) & Alex.  Video & all instruments by TriPops.

Springs Preserve "My Preserve Escape" video contest winner!  Video, vocals, & instruments by Poppermost.

Poppermost's "Duchess" music video.  Video & original song by Poppermost.

"Key West 'Cinnamon Sunshine.'"  Photos by Roy Rendahl, Trimordial Studio.  Original song by Poppermost.

Poppermost's "All About You" with Annoula & Roy.  Video & original song by Poppermost.

Poppermost's "Where the Guilty Prayed" music video.  Video by Trimordial Studio.  Original song by Poppermost.

Alex Oliver & Roy Rendahl, members of TriPops & Poppermost.
Alex Oliver & Roy Rendahl - TriPops
Alex Oliver Suicide Pop Records Poppermost Pop Rock BandAlex is our very talented "musical brain" producer -- composing, arranging, singing, and playing multiple instruments in multiple genres.  Alex can write music to your words or put words to your music; or he can collaborate with you on writing and arranging your songs; or he can write and perform complete songs for you. 

Alex also gives music lessons and coaching too.

We can help you write, perform, and record your own original or cover music, or we can write, perform, and record brand new music for you for any use that you might require: quick singer-songwriter demos to finished mastered music albums with artwork; TV or radio advertising jingle music; and film, movie, or TV song placement, and song or
full soundtrack composition. 

We can work with you in person or by easily sending files back and forth over the web anywhere in the world.  We don't use MIDI programing, loops, beats, or "canned" music.  We play and record all our instruments live by hand (although we do use a metronome).  We sometimes use Auto-Tune when necessary, but we work to get the best natural vocal performance from you.  Alex and Roy are also the music and tech behind the popular Poppermost pop rock music band, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA since 2001.

Contact us to set up a free initial consultation to meet us and see our studio.

TriPops pricing for each original or cover song, which includes pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering, and file delivery:

$400 - for a simple recording with 1 vocal track and 1 instrument track.

•  $500 - for a live band sound with 1 or 2 vocal tracks and basic guitar or keys, bass, and drum tracks.

•  $600 - for a professional production with lead vocals and back up vocals, basic instrument tracks listed above, plus other live or synth instrument tracks as needed.

Songs over 10 minutes long will have an extra charge.

Writing original melody and/or lyrics will have an extra charge.

We don't require a deposit before starting work, but we do require payment in full before the release of any product.  If you cannot come into our studio to preview our work, you have to pay for it before we send you any files.  The above pricing includes up to 2 changes to the final product.  Further changes may have an extra charge.

Music lessons, coaching, or co-writing sessions are $25 per hour.

We accept payment in cash or by check.  We accept credit cards only through

Please add 5% if you pay us through PayPal.com.

Working at your location or other outside studio location is $50 per hour
for production time plus $50 per day, with possible additional charges for extra equipment, travel, and material costs.  A deposite of $100 is required for location work.

Video production and graphic arts work are priced separately.

Our instruments include: Yamaha 88-key digital concert grand piano / synthesizer, Fender Stratocaster electric guitar with Zoom multi-effects pedal,
Sigma acoustic guitar with built-in bridge pickup, Taylor acoustic guitar, Avalon acoustic guitar, Fendar resonator guitar, banjo, ukulele, Fender Jazz bass guitar, classic 1969 Allied Radio bass guitar, Gallien-Krueger 100w 12” studio bass amp, Yamaha DTXPRESS III electronic drum set, and assorted acoustic percussion items like tamborine, maracas, shakers, etc.  Scroll down for studio information.

 TriPops Facebook page 
See Poppermost Pop Rock Music Band
Talk to Alex on his
Facebook page
Call Alex at 702-985-2278 for more info
Write to both of Alex and Roy at tripops@poppermost.com

Trimordial Studio Las Vegas
is owned and run by Roy Rendahl

Roy Al Rendahl Trimordial Studio Las Vegas Audio Video GraphicsRoy is the "technical wizard" with many years of experience, starting as a musician playing electric bass guitar in many rock, pop, classic R&B, and country bands; and also as a visual fine and commercial artist.  Roy later added audio engineering, recording, and song mastering; and also web design to his repertoire.

Contact me to set up a free initial consultation to meet me and see my studio.

Trimordial Studio Pricing:  Basic studio rate alone (without TriPops music production) is $25 per hour, plus extras, like materials. 
Mastering that is part of a recording or mixing project is priced at the normal studio charge of $25 per hour.  Pricing for stand-alone mastering is per song up to 5 minutes in length (plus $5 for each additional 5 minutes of playing time for each song).  The 1st song is $100, the 2nd song on up is $75 per song (all in a single project).  Location or outside studio costs are higher and a deposit may be required, please see Trimordial Studio for more details.

Studio Audio Recording, Mixing, and Song Mastering: I can record 2 tracks (or 1 stereo track) at a time using Digidesign Mbox with Focusrite mic preamps and building up to 32 tracks in Pro Tools LE on Apple MacBook Pro laptop in our small 15’x22’ studio.
 I usually record 24 bit at 44.1 kHz sample rate, but I can record 48 kHz (for video), and I can record at or convert to 16 bit audio (for CD-quality files).

Mics: RDE K2 - variable-pattern large 1" diaphragm dual-condenser tube mic with shock mount; AKG Perception 420 - multi-pattern large 1" diaphragm dual-condenser mic with shock mount; Shure SM58 - vocal standard mic; 2) Shure SM57 - instrument standard mics; (2 Shure SM81 small-diaphragm cardioid condensor instrument mics; Blue enCORE 200 active dynamic cardioid handheld mic; and
Electro-Voice PL80a - supercardioid vocal mic.  Samson stereo direct box.
 And a Tascam TA-1VP vocal processor with Antares Auto-Tune if vocals need any pitch correction.  Knowing what key(s) the song is in helps with this process.

Headphones: Shure SRH1840 - professional open back headphones (mixing & mastering), Shure SRH1540 - premium closed back headphones (tracking & mixing), Sennheiser HD425 - open back headphones (mix/master check).  Talent monitoring is with Shure SRH940 - closed back professional reference headphones, Shure SRH840 - closed back professional monitoring headphones, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - closed back studio headphones, Koss Pro/4AAA Plus - closed back headphones.  And 2) ART ARTcessories HeadAmp4 - 4-channel headphone amps.

Speakers: JBL L80Ts - 10" three-way studio monitor speakers (same components as the JBL 4410 Studio Monitors).

Power: 2) Carver PM-600 600 watt magnetic field power amps.  And a Furman power conditioner and voltage regulator on the studio electric power, with an APC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup powering the studio equipment..

See Trimordial Studio Las Vegas - Audio Graphics Web Design
Talk to Roy on his Facebook page
See Roy's Bio   Write to Roy at trimordial@thefaro.com for more info

Write to both Alex and Roy at tripops@poppermost.com

Roy is a member of the
AES - Audio Engineering Society

Prices, Specifications, and Services are subject to change and availability, without notice.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Final product will NOT be released or published until the account is paid in full.  You may pay by credit card only through PayPal to trimordial@thefaro.com.  A deposit may be required to book a project.
Solution Graphics
Partial or delayed release may be necessary if payment is by personal check.  $25 charge for any returned checks.  Please make all checks payable to either "Roy Rendahl" or "Alex Oliver."  Bookings are available 24/7/52 in Las Vegas, in Nevada, or around the USA.  

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