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Clients List (partial)
Trimordial Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Roy Rendahl - Freelance Owner, Artist, & Engineer / Producer 
This list shows a sample of the variety of projects that I have worked on.

Aakre, Ann
- Pipe organ music recording.

Abstract band, Alex Serpent Olivieri - Goth / Industrial audio recording, photography, label art, and CD duplication.

Adimy, Tony - Converted wedding MiniDV video tapes to DVDs.  2009

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) - Audio recording of several presentations at their national Assembly on Education (AOE) Symposium at Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas.  2009.

Animalations - Patricia Derrick - Changed the sung  word "give" to "get" in a
childrens song in a stereo music audio file.  2011.

Arend, Kai - Multi-instrumentalist based in Germany.  I recorded Indian prayers by local Native American, Corbin Harney here in Las Vegas for Kai's German CD release, Colors of Changing Time on Mabon Records / CD.

Apple Video UK - Videotaping the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas in PAL format for a UK 'Elton John' tribute act.  2008.

Background Screeners of America - Created informational videos.

Barbo, Mojdeh - MiniDV to VHS video conversion and duplication for law office.

Berndt, Tim - Webpage design and hosting.

Betfair UK - Time-lapse, interview, and destruction videos of Bryan Berg: Cardstacker building the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben out of playing cards during the World Series of Poker at the Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  I was originally contacted for this project by UK based PR company, Threepipe.  2009.

Birkland, Peter - Video taping a speech at the Rio Hotel Casino.

Blood Clot band - Seth Ulmer - Death metal band audio recording and live performance music video production.

Briggs, Mike - Classical / Flamenco guitar audio recording for Guitar Cafe album, and live sound engineering and equipment rental.

Brooks, Randy - Singer / songwriter and guitar audio recording.

Burnett, Mark - Music and narration recording and editing for a slide presentation about Russia.

C and H Movie Cars - vehicle rentals for video and photo shoots in Las Vegas and Long Beach - web design and hosting.

Carlyle, Jackie - Recording and music consulting.

Crosina / Sahm - Wedding video production. (This contact came through my brother's law school, the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, California; but I learned from this job not to deliver even a rough video copy before receiving payment, if you want to be paid.  I never did get paid.)

Diffley, David - Photoshop copyright drawings of a unique package design.  Both David and his lawyer were impressed.

Digital Media Partners - 3 day audio and video recording of Raymond James conference speakers and their graphic presentations at the 
Venetian Hotel Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas.  2011.

Duna, Chris - Converted his parents piano book lessons from cassette to CD.  2011

E-Planet Media - Video camera operator on a two day shoot for Peter Palm at the Venetian Hotel & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Fernandez, Gus - Wealth Umbrella - Videotaping a speech at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Francis, Robert - Graphic design for business cards and flyers.

Francis, Taryn Trinnette - Music mixing and editing for the grand prize winner in the Star Search Childrens Dance category.  1993.

Grandma Sookie band - Ska / Reggae audio recording.

Greeley, Larry - Singer / songwriter and guitar audio recording.

Guhlow, David - Recording, mixing, mastering original comedy songs.  2013 to present.

Harp & Flute - Shelley Sturm
- Classical and popular music recording.

Hawaiian Fasting Retreats, Choose Life Health Ministries, and Coastal Kenya Health Retreats website maintenance for Dr. Nicholas Tancheff.

Holzybrook, Dennis - Audio recording for Merry-Go-Round album.

Hope Lutheran Church, Fresno, California - Choir with pipe organ location audio recording.

Hymes, Linda - Dancing Gourmet - Changed the speed of a music piece for a ballet performance.  2008.

Infant of Prague Adoption Services - PA sound for annual outdoor picnic.

Johnny Fortuno - Videotaped a sold-out Elvis tribute show at The Club in the Cannery in Las Vegas.  2012 & 2013.

Klein, Carol "Kiki" - Singer and keyboards audio recording and logo graphic design.

Laehn, Shawn - Singer / songwriter and guitar audio recording.

Las Vegan Magazine - Location digital video production at the Catalina Island Blues Festival and Newport Beach Jazz Festival for The Las Vegan Report on WB and UPN TV.  2008.

The Las Vegas Showgirl Diet Book & Plan - Website redesign for author, Annoula Wylderich.

Lee, Alain - Classical / jazz guitar audio recording.

Lee, Nancy - Classical guitar audio recording.

LoBello, Mark - Converted cassettes to CDs.  2009

LVH Reproductions - Graphic design for advertising.

Malice Child band - Rock band audio recording.

McMahon, Terry - Videotaping for promotion of a new Segway rental business in front of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

Mental Torment band - Lawrence Abatte - Speed metal band audio recording.

Millhollen, Alice - Classical singer with piano and organ audio recording.

Milwaukee Tool educational video production at the National Joint Apprentice Training Center in Las Vegas.  2010.

Morbus band - Donnie Johnson
- Death metal band audio recording.

My Generation Grill & Bar - Live sound, and graphic design for advertising.

Oliveira, Teresa - Graphic design for hair designer.

Patrick Haggerty - Videotaping a speech at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Peña, Chuk - Vocal and acoustic guitar recording, mixing, mastering songs.  2015 to present.

Pet Perks® The Pet Food Seasoning - Dave Rendahl - Label design, radio and print advertising design, and product manufacturing design.

Poppermost pop rock music band - Bass guitar, audio recording, video production, label, flyer and business card art, and website design and hosting.  2001 to present.

Prime Realty, Ltd. - Web hosting for luxury Las Vegas real estate website.  2010 to 2016.

Public Defender Las Vegas Retreat - Dave Rendahl - Helping my brother put on this annual legal seminar conference at several hotels in Vegas.  Sound system, video, audio recording, photography, graphics, and web design and hosting.  2001 to present.

Reizana, Farrah - Singer / songwriter and keyboards audio recording and graphic design for Fantasy Flight album and location music video production.

Rendahl, Alison - Daycare advertising graphic design. - Audio recording of seminar at Embasy Suites in Las Vegas.

Reyes, Javier - Graphic design.

Rick DeVoe for Congress - Video production.

Helga Risoy
Singer / songwriter and synth audio recording.

Rose, Rane - Classical crossover soprano, model, entrepreneur - vocal recording, mixing, and mastering songs.  2015 to present

San Joaquin College of Law - Location video production of their annual Spring Banquet Show.

SCAC-TV 40 - Chuck Carson - Audio engineering for location video production of the Mariposa Storytellers Festival.

Schmidt, Judge Richard - PA system and back line for a show at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Schuller, Nick - Singer / songwriter and guitar audio recording.

Self, Cindy - Singer / songwriter and guitar audio recording, photography, graphic design for Dreams in a Stream album, and web page design and hosting.  1991.

Self, Jerry - Live sound reinforcement for outdoor hospital benefit show.

Sierra Club - Graphic design for mailings, and email member questionnaire form for the local Las Vegas Chapter.

SimplFi - Vocie-over recording for web videos.  2012

Sirius Satellite Radio - Live broadcast engineering of the "Bower Show" for the Maxim magazine's 100th issue party at the pool and at Tryst Night Club in the Wynn Las Vegas Resort Hotel and Casino.  2006.

SNP Communications - Audio recording of interviews at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Sounds of Joy - Joanna Felts - Choir and keyboards audio recording.

String Beings string quartet - Karin Enebo - Audio recording.

Tabernacle of Praise - Pastor Roy DeLaGarza - Live sound engineering.

Thunderbird Lounge Las Vegas - Photography and website design and hosting.

Timossi, Dr. Carlos M. - Comarketing - Video taping a medical conference program at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Tulare County Public Defender Office - Trial graphics.

TV2 USVI - Video shoot of interviews at the MAGIC (Men's Apparel Guild in California) in the Las Vegas Convention Center for producer Ryan Watts with TV2 from the US Virgin Islands.

Violent Mood Swing band - Joe Luna - Audio recording and graphic design for advertising.

Vintage band - Charles Anthony - R&B promo music video.

Wheston, Terri - Singer / songwriter and keyboards audio recording, photography, and graphic design for Empty Stage album.  "Roy is more than a recording engineer.  He will help you get the best sound you can produce by putting you at ease, offering suggestions, and still letting you be in control of your recording."  1989.

Winners On Wheels - Sunrise Medical - David Kermoyan - Audio recording.

Window Dressing by Myra - Myra Ratcliff - Graphic design for business cards.

WorldFolk Foundation and the Las Vegas GirlFestival - Rod Belford, the late Leslie Belford, and Sharon Ludlam - Battle of the Bands sponsor, video, web site and hosting, and live sound engineering.  "The WorldFolk Foundation employed Roy Rendahl as our Sound Technician for last year's month-long Battle of the Bands Festival which took place at 8 different venues.  He performed admirably, being prompt and professional at all times.  As a matter of fact, he usually arrived early and did more than we expected, relieving us of some of the stress related to such an event.  He was completely responsible for the sound and had to quickly switch over and soundcheck five to six bands a night.  I would highly recommend him for any endeavor, and look forward to working with him in the future."  2000 to 2011.

Yousif El Mosely - Sudanese singer.  Recorded 2 songs and converted them to 4 MP3s on CD.  2009.

Valeri Glava - A/V location recording at the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas.  2010

Zhou, Nick - Guangwai Class of 1983 20th Anniversary Reunion in Las Vegas - Group photograph at the Sahara Hotel Casino, and labeled photo CDs for each person in the group.  2003.

Trimordial Studio - Audio Video & Graphics
Trimordial Studio
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